October 2017

18th European Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production Towards a Greener Challenge & Evolution in the Framework of the Circular Economy, Skiathos Island, 1-5 October

Ana Mestre and Tim Cooper – Material efficiency in circular product design: Critical trade-offs

Tim Cooper – Clothing that lasts: Developing and testing garments for longevity

Kyungeun Sung, Tim Cooper and Jagdeep Singh – Multi-stakeholder perspectives on the challenges and success factors for scaling up upcycling businesses in fashion industry in the UK (part of special session by C. M. Joyner Armstrong, “Catalysts for sustainable clothing consumption: New value propositions for over consumers”)

June 2017

Global Research Forum on Sustainable Production and Consumption, University of Sussex, 27-29 June  

John Barrett – Lifestyles and energy demand

Catherine Cherry and Nick Pidgeon – Moving towards a circular economy: Public deliberations of a low material future

Samuel Cooper – Scope for the circular economy to affect greenhouse gas emissions and employment embodied in trade

Ana Mestre and Tim cooper – Circular product design

Anne Owen – Effects of demographic change on energy demand

Alex Rodrigues and Tim Cooper – Deciding between car sharing or car purchase

Kate Scott – The role of material productivity to meeting climate targets

Kyungeun Sung and Tim Cooper – Upcycling as the circular economy in practice

March 2017

Christine Cole, Alex Gnanapragasam, and Tim Cooper; A role for reuse in increasing product lifetimes:a case study approach exploring different reuse pathways

February 2017

Jannik Giesekam; ASBP Healthy Buildings Conference & Expo, University College London, 15 February

Healthy planet: a resource efficient future

November 2016

Jannik Giesekam; CIRIA event on ‘Innovative paths to low carbon infrastructure, 30 November

Barriers to low carbon innovation

Alex Rodrigues and Tim Cooper; Sustainable Innovation Conference, University for the Creative Arts, Epsom, Surrey, 7-8 November

Systemic Barriers to Upscaling Car Sharing in the UK

Jannik Giesekam;Construction Climate Challenge seminar on ‘Reducing carbon in infrastructure construction’, hosted at Institute of Engineering and Technology in Birmingham, 10 November

Where is the carbon in construction?

October 2016

Geoff Hammond and Jonathan Norman; 8th International Conference on Applied Energy – Beijing, PRC, 8-11 October

Opportunities for energy demand and carbon emissions reduction in the chemicals sector

September 2016

Tim Cooper, Christine Cole, and Alex Gnanapragasam; International Society for Industrial Ecology Joint 12th Socio-Economic Metabolism Section Conference, Nagoya, Japan, 28-30 September

Christine Cole and Tim Cooper; Electronics goes green 2016+, Berlin, 7-9 September

Extending product lifetimes through WEEE reuse and repair: Opportunities and Challenges

Consumers’ expectations for product lifetimes of consumer durables

Tim Cooper; British Academy of Management Conference, Newcastle, 6-8 September

The impact of consumer attitudes on sustainable product development strategies: The case of clothing longevity

Jonathan Norman; 11th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water, and Environmental Systems (SDEWES), Lisbon, Portugal. 5-8 September

Measuring improvement in industrial energy efficiency: a decomposition analysis applied to the UK

July 2016

Anne Owen: 24th International Input-Output (IIOA) Conference, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea, 4-8 July 2016

June 2016

Kyungeun Sung and Tim Cooper; 2016 Design Research Society 50th Anniversary Conference, Brighton, UK

An alternative approach to influencing behaviour: Adapting Darnton’s Nine Principles framework for scaling up individual upcycling 

The effect of consumer attitudes on design for product longevity: The case of the fashion industry

May 2016

Christine Cole; SUM2016: Symposium on Urban Mining and Circular Economy, Bergamo, Italy, 23-25 May

Consumer decisions determining reuse and product lifetimes

Sally Russell and Suzana Matoh; GRONEN Conference 2016, Hamburg, Germany, 25-27 May

Kyungeun Sung and Tim Cooper; 1st Conference on Management and Environmental Sustainability, Leicester, 20 May

Action across multiple levels for scaling up sustainable behavior: The case of individual upcycling in the UK

April 2016

Christine Cole and Tim Cooper; British Academy of Management Marketing and Retail SIG Workshop, Guidford, 28 April

Driving reuse: Sustainability and ethics in product life extension

Jannik Giesekam; Advances in Innovative Sustainable Materials, CIRIA Offices London, 5 April

Jannik Giesekam-Drivers and barriers to the adoption of sustainable materials

Kyungeun Sung and Tim Cooper; Symposium on Sustainable Development Research at Universities in the UK, Manchester, 5-6 April

Individual upcycling in the UK: Insights for scaling up towards sustainable development

March 2016

Kyungeun Sung; Upcycling Practitioners Workshop, SOAS, London, 9 March

Upcycling Practitioners Workshop

November 2015

Alex Rodrigues and Tim Cooper; Sustainable Innovation Conference, University for the Creative Arts, Epsom, Surrey, 9-10 November

User-intensive cars; design contributions for more sustainable approaches to personal transportation

Tim Cooper; Sustainable Consumption Conference 2015, Sitges, Spain, 1-4 November

Presenting the Design for Individuals and Practices (DIP) Toolkit

John Rogers; Sustainable Consumption Conference 2015, Sitges, Spain, 1-4 November

The impact of emerging technologies on the whole life carbon footprint of cars and it’s implication for the length of car lifetimes

July 2015

Jonathan Norman; The ISIE Conference 2015 – Taking Stock of Industrial Ecology. University of Surrey, Guildford, England

Connecting material stocks to services: The example of steel use in UK vehicles

Options to supply the UK steel demand and meet the CO2 targets

June 2015

Kyungeun Sung; Product Lifetimes And The Environment (PLATE) Conference, Nottingham Trent University, England

An Exploratory Study on the Links between Individual Upcycling, Product Attachment, and Product Longevity

Alexandre Rodrigues; Product Lifetimes And The Environment (PLATE) Conference, Nottingham Trent University, England

Driving In The Wrong Lane: towards a longer lifespan for cars 

Kate Scott; The 11th International Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics, University of Leeds, England

Integrating resource efficiency into climate mitigation policy in the EU

Anne Owen; The 23rd International Input-Output Association Conference, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico

Structural path decomposition analysis and its use in comparing multiregional input-output databases

April 2015

Kyungeun Sung; ICECESS 2015 : 17th International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability, Venice, Italy

A Review on Upcycling: Current Body of Literature, Knowledge Gaps and a Way Forward

November 2014
Kyungeun Sung; Sustainable Innovation 2014 Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark

Individual Upcycling Practice: Exploring the Possible Determinants of Upcycling Based on Literatures in Craft, Do-It-Yourself, and the Maker Movement