Energy Programme

What is End Use Energy Demand?

The UK is committed to achieving large-scale reductions (80%) in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 – Climate Change Act (1990).

End Use Energy Demand (EUED) research is about reducing energy use on the scale needed to reach this target, whilst maintaining current or achieving better standards of living and economic growth.

wet-roads-1449777-1599x1066EUED can be sub-divided in several ways, for example by sector (industry, construction, transport), services (hygiene, heat, light, communication) or end use (food, entertainment, health, travel).

However EUED research must look past these boundaries to view the complex social, technical and economic issues at play as a whole: from the initial energy supply to the end user, via industry, services and social practices.

The six EUED centres and associated projects cover a broad range of the EUED spectrum, and the centres as a whole represent a major investment in tacking the overall challenge.